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"Smart steps away from the usual hospitality that people have grown accustomed to at sporting events. Instead, guests can now spend the day in an environment that has been specifically tailored to their interests – from the food to the entertainment and atmosphere."



This was the first year for 10 years that the Royal Ascot Village was catered by the onsite caterer and we brought a fresh, creative approach to corporate entertaining, delivering an interactive experience that celebrated the very best of British hospitality, eccentricity and style.

 On arrival, our guests were welcomed with a glass of Pimm’s from the beautiful and stylish curvaceous garden bar surmounted with a sweeping roof.  The bar offers unrivalled views of the Royal Procession and guests were entertained by strolling musicians and entertainers, setting the informal but engaging tone of the day.

Smart designed a light, seasonal, delicious four course luncheon, which included interactive dessert and cheese stations, featuring a selection of mini desserts and a great board of English artisan cheeses; allowing guests the flexibility of grazing from the selection as our team of chefs guide them through the delicious options. 

Paying homage to the iconic Ascot symbol - the hat and incorporating another iconic British theme, Alice in Wonderland - lunch was followed by an afternoon tea in the style of a lavish Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Custom built decorative hats, massive tea pots and outlandish playing cards decorated the tea stations and staff engaged with the guests as they returned during the afternoon between races for a rolling tea service.

Of course we realise that food represents just one element of the day at Royal Ascot. Guests were also treated to a complimentary bar and interactive entertainment including tips of the day from jockeys, trainers and celebrities, which added up to a great day out in an innovative, friendly, flexible and professionally run facility.

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