Smart Group 5

Marcin Zapalowski

Logistics Manager
“The crowd was immense; the atmosphere of the event was just incredible.”

From a football fix to fantastic food

Thriving for a challenge, Marcin entered the events industry because of its sporadic behaviour and stimulating nature. He started his career at Manchester United, working in their logistics team for a loyal 5 years. After a change of scenery and with a love of large football events, Marcin was only going to end up in one other organisation. Two years spent at Manchester City and with his football fix fulfilled, Marcin moved to Smart as our logistics manager in the North.

Socialising with Simon Mason

Marcin loves catching up with friends, playing volleyball or relaxing with a good film in his spare time, but as we question Marcin, his enthusiasm for the events industry is undeniable. His proudest achievement, working with executive head chef Simon Mason for a number of years, Marcin continues to reminisce.

“The most exciting event I have worked on has to be the Robbie Williams concert for Manchester City Football Club. The crowd was immense; the atmosphere of the event was just incredible.” 

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