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Stefan Maciejewski

Managing Director
“My proudest achievement is becoming a father to my wonderful children and a husband to my beautiful wife.”

Mobilisation in the military to the Olympic Games

Providing an education of discipline, respect and process-values, Stefan joined the royal navy at the age of 19. Establishing the fundamentals and qualities needed to go far in the world of events, Stefan subsequently moved to Manchester United Football Club to aid in operations. After three seasons, operations called elsewhere, leading him to work at Wimbledon AELTC, Excel and The O2 Arena. Mobilisation in the military to the Olympic Games, Stefan worked for the sport and leisure division of Compass Group UK and Ireland. Here he organised and managed seven of their most prestigious venues to feature at the games themselves.

“…It gave me a real insight into how nations around the world purchase their military equipment…”

DSEI 2013, the world leading defence and security event has been Stefan’s favourite event to date. “Having a military background meant that this event was right up my street. Seeing the next generation of aeroplanes, warships, tanks and missiles was an incredible opportunity. It gave me a real insight into how nations around the world purchase their military equipment and software, which was wonderful to see.”

Stefan’s Reflection

With his proudest achievements of becoming a husband as well as a father of 2, Stefan is very much so a family man. “In my free time I enjoy a glass of Barolo and talk to my wife about her day. I find out what my children have been getting up to and reflect on what has happened throughout my day, in order to learn from the experience.” Great food and events have grown to be Stefan’s passion, something that he revolves himself around in and out of work. 

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