Smart Group 5

Ritchie Cheston

Event Manager
‘I started at the bottom as a waitress with a local company back home in the Cotswolds. I love food so naturally enjoyed the job. Getting paid to work at parties and eat delicious food was a no brainer!’

With a love for food, there’s no other industry for Ritchie

Moving to London for University, Ritchie studied art and worked on her first Smart Hospitality Job in the winter of 2008. This was a big change for Ritchie, with local weddings and hunt balls but she loved the enormity of it.

Determined to study hard, she gained the title of Cloakroom Queen for 5 years so she could crack her uni work at the same time. We still call upon Ritchie for the big events to ensure the cloakroom matches her expectations.

Travelling the world after working at the 2012 Olympics

Ritchie joined the HR team for the Olympics assisting in all staffing areas. She recruited 1600 of them and built their shift patterns, ensuring they had all the information they needed to deliver a fantastic service. Working flat out allowed her to save up and after Christmas 2012, she went travelling around the world for 6 months.

Ritchie then returned to Smart Hospitality as Assistant Event Manager, and has since been promoted to Event Manager due to her level head and seamless attention to detail.

Controlled chaos - what more could you want?

When Ritchie worked at the Olympics, there was never a dull moment. She enjoys the adrenaline rush of events with a large guest list, and what she refers to as her ‘OCD organisation’.

The girls in the office can’t help but get envious of Ritchie’s ability to eat tonnes of Chocolate. She turns that’s love to events too, last year at the Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards; she built a chocolate dessert station featuring a tasty chocolate fountain.

We think she needs all that chocolate after working with the team on the Paris Air Show with only 4 hours sleep a night.

Travel and Interior design are a must for Ritchie in her spare time

With a one year old niece in the Cotswolds, Ritchie enjoys a trip away. An expert in dividing up her holiday days to ensure they are used wisely for great trips. On the flipside, home is a great comfort for Ritchie who is currently decorating her new pad. 

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