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Tom Delpech

Senior Graphic Designer
“My job is to understand the essence of the clients’ business and brand, so I can communicate their core message graphically.”

The icing on the cake

With limited experience in events, but with a hell of a lot in design, Tom provides the icing to Smarts cake. Being introduced to the events industry completely by chance, Tom jokes about his near miss from an industry a little more square. “I replied to an advert posted by the Smart the very same week as applying for a job opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry… I could have ended up designing packaging for painkiller boxes if I hadn’t been lucky.”

Brilliant events or boxes?

Working for previous organisations where a company such as Smart are his client, Tom has the experience needed to tell Smarts graphic novel.  “My job is to understand the essence of the clients’ business and brand, so I can communicate their core message graphically.” Tom describes how being our in-house designer grants him a great opportunity to understand the core values of Smart, in order to deliver an effective design to match. This is something we can vouch for, with our imagery being almost as great as the real thing: the people that make Smart. Tom admits that it was a challenging role to fill initially, continuing to exclaim, “But I’m truly enjoying the new, exciting and fast paced environment this Industry provides.”

Giant fruit

With his contribution to events being in its early stages, Tom explains that every job he is currently doing holds a lasting impression on himself. “I was lucky enough to produce a series of Illustrations for Smart Live that were later printed into a life sized cut out. Used for a healthy eating campaign directed to children and to see my designs in use and enjoyed made everything feel very heart-warming and rewarding.” Asking him of his proudest moment, Tom laughs, “Being a French guy, with a strong accent, my proudest achievement has to be the day a client didn’t recognise me on the phone and thought I was an English person.”

100% enjoyment

“80% of my spare time is absorbed by my very demanding seven year old daughter and I absolutely love it!” Tom enjoys family days out in London, visiting museums, cinemas and more. He explains that as long as his daughter can have an ice cream before heading home, she’s as good as gold. 

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