Entertainment and theming on the evening

As you arrive in the cold and frosty Battersea Park you will feel the vibrations of drumming as you approach the riotous city of samba and the hottest party of the season “Carnivale”.

On November 24th Battersea Evolution starts a one month long party as the giant flaming bowl of fire is lit at sunset, to be quenched on Christmas Eve as we look over the embers and remember a Christmas party season to end all!

Climb the hill to Alto Vidigal and marvel at the Favela street scenes, rusty iron roofs awash with a rainbow of colours. Sip on Caprinhia cocktails as you take in the sights and sounds from the tropical hillside.

As you walk through the bustling streets of the Carnivale, jaw dropping entertainers tower above you with dazzling jewelled feathers and a dark twist of Dia le dos. The spicy aromas of sensational street food tempt you into the various street food stalls from rich spicy Acarajae to Bourbon glazed chicken skewers.

A giant glittering Carnival mask catches your eye and lure’s you into a street parade, an explosion of glitter and streamers fall from the sky as you arrive into the dining hall for a lavish feast.

Piece after piece of stunning entertainment punctuate each course of dinner, building to a grand finale. As dinner comes to an end, the real party lies in wait. The DJ beckons party-goers on to the dance floor for a night of nonstop partying. Venture onto the dodgems or try your hand at the casino, the night is young! Find out where the sights and the sounds of the Carnivale will take you this Christmas…..