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Tue 10 Nov 2015

Get the perfect Christmas party presents for your colleagues and friends this year with our round up of great Secret Santa gifts.  


Cocktail Lip Balms (£3.25)

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? These delicious flavoured lip balms will transport your mind back to a sunny beach-bar setting, during these bleak winter months.  Coming in flavours such as refreshing Mojito, coconut Pina Colada, Expresso Margarita and fresh Gin and Tonic, there’s a balm for every occasion, offering a guilt free, lip soothing sensation; a perfect stocking filler.

USB Mixtape (£14.95)

The mixtape used to be one of the most romantic ways of displaying a person’s affection for their loved one. However, now in the 2st century it is a hugely impractical item. This spin on an old love gesture offers a unique and innovative, solution, combining digital and physical aspects. Each ‘tape’ can be loaded with music, photos and videos, compiling years of memories onto a current, compact, yet retro device. A lovely meaningful gesticulation to a loved one, complimented with a fabulous price tag to match.

British Isles Beer Cap Mat (£25)

This quirky design allows space for 56 different British beer caps. It enables you to keep track of memories trying various from beers and lagers, and presents them in a stylish manner. An immediate eye catching display that turn vast empty walls into thrilling conversation starters. Well suited for a fellow lager loving companion or partner.

Self-Stirring Mug (£9.95)

It does what is says on the tin. This product is perfect for your lethargic friends, who find the smallest jobs a chore. This gadget may not be a necessity item, but the minimalism of its overall purpose is what makes it so appealing. It offers advantages like giving you time to grab an accompanying treat with your drink, as well as a travel lid for commuters in a rush. A faultless simplistic gift, suited to work colleagues or slothful friends.

Smart Gloves (£5.99)

With touchscreen technology slowly taking over the modern world, and winter fast approaching, these gloves offer the perfect solution.  Incorporating conductive materials into the fingers tips, phone use can continue undisturbed when wearing the gloves, along with keeping your hands warm. They’re faultlessly practical, throughout the winter period, and through many cold, British, rainy days.

Wine Glass Bottle (£14.95)

This is the ingenious solution, to stop your glass from becoming empty, with a constant supply of wine available at ease. This novelty wine bottle ‘glass’, is fabulously witty and creates a solution, that makes drinking from the bottle ‘sophisticated’. It’s the perfect humorous gift, for your wine loving friends.

Pocket Selfie Stick (£15)

The selfie stick phenomenon is still hugely popular. Over Christmas especially, they become hugely convenient, in situations like large family photos, actions shots in bustling crowds and capturing expressions on Christmas Day. The convenience of Bluetooth connection, and compactible pocket size, means they are a ‘must have’ item, and overall great gift for multiple ages.

Men’s Beard grooming kit (£10)

Beards are now the central feature for many men, and most would agree that maintenance is crucial to beard up keeping. This mini kit meets all the grooming needs, using the best quality products in a variety of scents, ensuring to keep your beard, tamed and styled to perfection. It’s a gift which any bearded man would be overjoyed to receive.

Food Styling Tool Kit (£42)

Tweezers, syringes and blades; this kit has all the utensils needed to create a gastronomical masterpiece. Dishes can be engineered into works of art. (varying on the precision and artistic flare user of course!) It is certain to add excitement to dinner parties when experimenting in presentation, in addition to the look of the tools themselves, which are an immediate talking point. It’s a great present idea for foodies, or anyone who is prepared to splash out a bit more cash this Christmas.

Scribble Writing Alarm Clock (£12.95)

The sleek layout displays the time and date sharply, and includes an area to scribble down thoughts, items or events that could pop into your head in the middle of the night, which you may need to remember the next morning. The luminous blue design cleverly dims itself during the night in order to not cause a nuisance, enabling you to have a peaceful night sleep, and temporarily clear your mind.

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