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Victoria Warehouse

Victoria Warehouse is a historic and landmark building comprising rooms of various size and style in which to hold your event. They are all a blank canvas, allowing creativity to shine and the concept of the event to be prevalent. The versatility of the venue means that it is suitable for music concerts, gala dinners, theatrical performances, exhibitions, recording studios and much more.


Built in the 1900s, the flesh and bones of Victoria Warehouse has stood as a symbol of this city’s industrial strength and innovation for around 100 years, but it’s what’s happened under its skin that makes it a venue to really capture the imagination. A huge and massively flexible floor space means we can adapt to any event, a fact testified to by the diverse range of people, products and occasions we’ve played host to.

Previous clients

We’re proud to say that brands like BMW, Gap, The National Youth Music Theatre, The Warehouse Project and Jamesons have chosen to have us stage their events but we like to share our success with our home city too. By staging art exhibitions; experimental music and theatre shows, sporting events and cultural happenings that demand our particularly versatile space. 

We actively seek out unconventional artists and events like these, not only to give them a place to flourish, but to continually feed our own vision.

Boutique hotel facilties

On top of this, our boutique hotel, spa, bar and bistro-style restaurant now occupy part of the first and second floor of the Victoria Warehouse Hotel, adjacent to the event space.

Christmas 2015

This year Smart Christmas Parties will be delivering the fantastic 'Urban Circus' theme at Victoria Warehouse. With mixed and exclusive parties available, the venue will be turned into a dark and twisted playground. Find our more about the theme. 



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