Henley Royal Regatta, Temple Island Enclosure

2014 was our first year at the Henley Royal Regatta, the quintessentially English summer event, where we looked after the Temple Island Enclosure which hosted 480 guests a day in 8 separate private facilities.  In order to bring the guest experience closer to the river, we built attractive elliptical shaped counters outside the main marquee, where chefs prepared fresh canapes of pea and mint tortellini and beef and salsa verde skewers. 

Smartly attired bar staff, served Champagne and Pimm’s to the accompaniment of a jazz ensemble.  Guests then moved into their private areas where they were served a rolling leisurely lunch service which featured lighter, seasonal dishes such as quinoa salad with blanched asparagus and British air dried ham, halibut with crab linguine and a delicious soft red berry dessert.

The aim was to avoid the traditional hospitality afternoon slump of energy after consuming a heavy red meat main course and give guests the advantage of a sophisticated, light and seasonal meal. A full afternoon tea was on offer until the sun had passed the yard arm.

During the day the guests were treated to boat rides up and down the river where we offered a full drinks service. In addition, on Friday night and all day Saturday through into the early hours, we provided street food stalls and flair bar staff in the pop up, uber stylish, Mayfair based Chinawhite Bar. 


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