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"The visual elegance of the buffet was only eclipsed by the food that was actually delivered…. Angela and Smart were able to deliver a world class culinary experience that complemented a truly stunning event... this is without doubt one of the most successful private previews we have ever held."



Bentley’s brief was to deliver a luxury event within a sumptuous setting to befit the class and quality of their GTC car. Of paramount importance was a stunning venue preferably with outside space, high quality entertainment, opportunities for employees to engage with potential dealership owners and high profile buyers, plus exceptional food and beverages.

We secured Kensington Palace as the ideal venue; the grandeur of the grounds fitting the client’s brief for outside space and prestige. We enlisted our Creative Director and Michelin-starred chef, Angela Hartnett, to design a bespoke menu reflecting the heritage and glamour of the Bentley brand, and to personally attend as enhancement of the high-end message and to interact with guests. Service was coordinated to compliment the event, with waiting staff passing amongst guests with Champagne and dessert as the car was revealed. Focus hence remained on the client’s product whilst still encouraging interaction between guests.

In addition to catering the event, we liaised closely with our sister company, Smart LIVE, to arrange elegant entertainment, which included the beautiful sounds of classical soprano Natasha Marsh, and as the new vehicle was revealed, a six metre helium filled balloon floated above, with an aerial artist suspended beneath it. Bentley have since become a loyal client, going on to select Smart Hospitality for future events, including a further launch of the GTC at their premier showroom in Berkeley Square, London.

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