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Kantar Brand Launch & Employee Engagement Event

We recently worked with Kantar, a global research, data and insight consultancy, to design and deliver the ‘Kantar First Day’ event, for the 3,000 employees across the UK and Ireland businesses.

The event was part of a global initiative that brought together 30,000 people from 12 operating brands in over 100 counties, and London was the flagship event.

The objective of the event was to create a high impact launch of the new Kantar brand, to provide a platform for networking, and to showcase the individual businesses. This was the first time all of the staff had been in one place at one time and Kantar wanted to create an unforgettable experience that was the first day of the new Kantar organisation.


We started by sourcing the Printworks, a brand new event space located in Canada Water – the home of Secret Cinema over the last 12 months. The venue offered a series of unconventional space ideal for creating impact.

We then developed an inspiring event identity and digital registration and communication portal, which helped generate excitement in the build up to the day.

We worked with the stakeholders to develop the content and designed an immersive guest journey around a festival theme. Our concept included a main stage environment, market place and a street food avenue.

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