Smart Group 5

Abby Squire

Head of Marketing
“I love how every day is different, whether it is for the good or the bad, it is far from boring."

Abby started her career hitting the ground running for a TV and film production agency. She jumped in the deep end with clients like the BBC, coming out on top with a foundation of knowledge to support her next step.

Looking onwards and upwards, Abby started at a multinational organisation as a sales and marketing coordinator. After seven years as a Marketing Manager, Abby felt it was time for a change. Acting as Abby’s sabbatical, two years in event production took her around the world, but with her heart lying within marketing, she is now a valued member at Smart.

Describe a day in your life at Smart.
Challenging. Fun. Hectic.

What is your proudest moment at Smart?
Dancing on stage like a muppet with Nile Rodgers at the Waitrose dinner - so proud.

What's your favourite dish from Smart Hospitality/Moving Venue?
Treacle roast fillet of beef with braised ox cheek.

Random fact about you?
I have a Blue Peter badge.


0207 836 1033