Smart Group 5

Group Health & Safety Officer
“I get bored very easily so I like the informality and slightly crazy atmosphere of events.”

Nightmares and saviours

As a chef for 16 years working in West End hotels and restaurants, Alain found the transition into the event industry as a natural one. With time spent in his previous years involved in projects such as the film premiere for the 1st Harry Potter film, launch of a Tsarist restaurant in the West End (Firebird) part of a New York concept, Alain was suited for a position at Smart. 

After completing his PhD, Alain started deliberating his next step.  “I thought I would get a sensible research job….. I nearly died of boredom and I started having nightmares about writing statistical syntax code for data analyses.” Smart came to the rescue approaching Alain after working alongside him on the OHC project; the rest is history.  

Fondest beginnings

The project that Alain and Smart first met is that of his favourite. At the Olympic Games Alain was logistics manager for Zone 1. This included 7 non-competitive venues including the main pedestrian access to the Park. “I had over 15km of crowd portable barriers to deploy!” Alain explains that the scale and uniqueness of the Games gave the whole project a great feeling. Remaining challenging, the games were highly entertaining for a man like Alain.

A family man

His proudest achievement… “Being married to the most patient woman in the world and the fact that my two eldest boys still want to hang out with me when I get home. Not forgetting my Princess Emma, who lets me swing from lamp posts in London Zoo making convincing ape like sounds.”

A white knuckle fan

Alain is a drummer and due to this, he taps on any inanimate object that stays in front of him for more than 30 seconds. He drives the girls in the office mad. Also doing a lot of white-water kayaking, Alain has recently paddled the White Nile rapids in Uganda. When this white knuckle fan is not abroad, he is paddling down the Lee Valley white water Olympic run.


0207 836 1033