Smart Group 5

Tom Hornsby

Logistics Manager
“I’m also in the early stages of getting my ED23 glider and balloon licence.”

A man in motion

Falling into the events industry, Tom Hornsby is a man in motion. Starting on Parliament Square as a Silver Service Supervisor, Tom has managed outdoor catering operations at Henley, Madame Tussauds and London Dungeons. Moving forward for some festive spirit, Tom joined a Christmas party company. Here he served as an Event Manager, running a Christmas party site throughout the season. Summer saw Tom managing green field events, such as the Silverstone Grand Prix and the Chelsea flower show. Now he is still managing and still moving but for Smart, something he has not looked back on since.

A four tonne elephant and a few stone man

The guy never stops, Toms biggest achievement is running his first Christmas party at LEGOLAND in Windsor. “I didn’t realise it was possible to do 21 parties in 27 days and work 20 hrs a day… I lost nearly a stone and a half!” Herding a small group of elephants and giraffes doesn’t sound like the average job in the events industry, and that’s because it isn’t, but Tom has done it. Being venue manager at Syon Park marquee, Tom turned into a Zoo Keeper for the day, a day that he described as exciting and challenging.

From two legs, to three, to wings

In his free time, Tom does a lot of charity work for his local Baptist church. “I am doing a sponsored three legged walk from Sutton to Norwich in the summer to raise funds to buy a new disability bus… oh and I’m also in the early stages of getting my ED23 glider and balloon licence.” 

0207 836 1033