Smart Group 5

Sales Executive
"I love the dynamism and buzz that a big event environment creates"

Events at the British Music Experience and O2 Arena

Jack first experienced the events world while studying for a Music degree, organising events to help expose and promote the work of him and his fellow classmates, heavily involved with venues such as the British Music Experience. Alongside his studies, Jack worked part time in the VIP Suites at the O2 Arena, where he was exposed to commercial events on a weekly basis, enjoying the dynamism and buzz that big event environments create.

After university, Jack worked a season for a ski travel company and experienced events organisation and logistical operations in the mountains for large groups of students. Coupling his love of events with his passion for snow sports made the ski competition days and evening events incredibly fulfilling.

Intense but rewarding experience

Jack's favourite event was his University Degree Show. Being involved with the organisation and logistics of an event that showcased his and other students' original work was an incredibly intense but rewarding experience, and was the most immersed he's ever felt at a single event.

Since working for Smart, Jack has been exposed to countless different events and provided with support to nurture a passion into a profession.

An active lifestyle

Alongside the guitar, Jack's spare time generally involves keeping fit, with his keen interest in rugby, yearly trips to France for snowboarding and regular trips to the gym.


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