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5 Reasons Shared Christmas Parties are Perfect for Small Businesses

Wed 25 Jul 2018

When it comes to planning the perfect office Christmas party for a small business, it can actually be harder than choosing how to celebrate festivities for a big corporation.

Your options can feel limited but, with the help of shared Christmas parties like the ones we host here at Smart Group, businesses of all sizes can enjoy breathtaking Christmas celebrations. For those of you planning for just a few of you, we’ve gathered together the reasons why our shared parties are the perfect option:

1. Be Part of a Far Bigger Celebration

It can be difficult to host something incredible for just a small group of people without blowing the budget. With a shared Christmas party you can join in with a massive party, with no expense spared!

2. Perfect Chance to Network

One of the best things about sending your small team of employees to a huge social event is that the opportunity for networking is truly invaluable. Shared Christmas parties are created with small businesses in mind, so the room is likely to be filled with like-minded people from all different kinds of industries, making for a perfect chance to get to know people and make connections you can take back into the workplace.

3. Luxury Dining That Money Simply Can’t Buy

The budgets for office Christmas parties are usually set according to how many people will be attending so, naturally, the budget for a small company Christmas do is likely to be lower than that of a big business. Usually, this would mean you might have to miss out on some luxuries such as the best catering, but with a Smart Group shared Christmas, this is not the case. Witness first-hand the wonders our Smart Hospitality team can create in the kitchen and enjoy a three-course dining experience with canapés on arrival – not something you want to miss out on!

4. Perfect Reward for a Year of Hard Work

No matter how big your business, when it comes to Christmas time you will want to recognise and reward your employees’ hard work throughout the year with an unforgettable celebration. By choosing to celebrate the festivities at a shared Christmas party, small companies can still give that wow-factor, meaning your staff will feel well and truly appreciated and ready for another year of dedicated and giving their all in the office.

5. An Opportunity to Experience Incredible Venues

As a small business, you may not get many opportunities to attend events in truly incredible, high capacity venues. When you choose to attend a shared Christmas party, you’ll get to experience the sheer scale of venues such as Battersea Evolution or the unique nature of Cutty Sark for potentially the first time; places you may not have been able to party in if you hosted your own event for just your business.


The reasons are endless, but we think these five are a perfect summary of why you should get your tickets booked for one of our shared celebrations today.

Availability is limited for some dates so to avoid missing out get in touch with our team today to book your perfect party or to find out how you can tailor your evening to make it perfect for your company. Call 020 7836 1033, visit or email

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