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What ‘Exclusive Parties’ Mean to Smart Group

Thu 09 Aug 2018

Whether you’re familiar with organising events or not, you’ve probably heard the term ‘exclusive’ used a lot in the world of events. However, it actually means something a little different to every event management company.

In general, an exclusive party is one that has been designed specifically for the person or business in question purely for them and their guests to enjoy. Here at Smart Group, exclusive means more than just that, so here’s exactly what throwing an exclusive party means to us:

Numbers Are No Object

For us, exclusive means that numbers don’t matter. Everyone deserves an incredible event, no matter how many guests they have attending. So whether you want a party for 200 or 2,000, you deserve the same attention to detail and spectacular end result, and we can set you up with the perfect venue for the occasion…

Extraordinary Locations

Venues aren’t just about numbers, they’re about enhancing your theme and ensuring your event is out of this world. Therefore, as well as picking you the ideal venue based on how many guests you’re hosting for, we work tirelessly to source the right space for the kind of event you’re planning.

Whether you’re launching a particular product that requires a specific atmosphere or you’re throwing a themed party that demands a venue that fits with the vision, we can help you find the perfect location to host your event. To find out more about the vast selection of venues we have in our portfolio, click here.

No Ask is Too Much

When you’re hosting an exclusive party with Smart Group, no request is too much. We believe that exclusive parties are all about the wow-factor and the ‘VIP feel’, and sometimes creating that atmosphere takes a little work. However, when you enlist our help, we’ll take care of all of that.

We understand that sometimes it’s the smaller details that transform an event and take your exclusive party from good to great, so we’re not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure absolute perfection.

Shared Creative Control

If you’re planning an exclusive party, whether that be for Christmas or another time of the year, we’re advocates of sharing creative control. Two minds are always better than one, so we believe that the best way to create the exact theme or vision you want for your event is to work together.

We want to hear all of your ideas and make them come to life, but we’re also proud of the years of experience our team have in the industry, and we know that their contributions could make your event truly spectacular. This is why we always promote sharing creative control when organising exclusive events.

Every Element is an Essential

When you’re hosting an event for a specific group of guests, there is no element of the event that isn’t an essential – everything matters to us. Whether it’s the menu, the entertainment, the centrepiece on the table, the general décor or another part of the occasion, we will go out of our way to ensure not a single second of your event disappoints.

One of a Kind and Personal

An exclusive party is one that is created to your specification so, even if you pick one of our pre-set themes, we can include unique and personal touches to give your individual event a one-of-a-kind feel. You want your exclusive event to be special for your guests and personal touches can achieve that, which is why we think it’s so important to incorporate unique elements where possible.

Exclusive parties are all about providing your guests with the best, and here at Smart Group we go above and beyond what could be expected of us to ensure your private, specially organised event meets your exact specification and more.

If you need help with organising your very own exclusive event from scratch, from sourcing a venue, catering and entertainment through to planning the extra special touches, get in touch with the Smart Live team on 020 7836 0562 or

For help with finding a venue for your event, contact the Smart Venues team on 020 7836 1035 or

For exclusive Christmas events, contact the team on 020 7836 1033 or email, and we can begin the journey of creating the ultimate event for you.

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