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5 Reasons It’s Always Worth Investing In Good Corporate Catering

Mon 01 Oct 2018

Any company owner will tell you that it’s easier said than done deciding what to invest your money in when it comes to your business. Every business has budgets and they have to be spent wisely; you want to know you’re putting your money into the right projects and steering your company in the right direction. One thing we like to stress as being worth your money is decent corporate catering at events.

Smart Hospitality are the experts when it comes to catering for all types of events with varying capacities, but we have a particular skill for perfecting corporate catering every time, making us a worthwhile investment for your business. We firmly believe that food could be the difference between your business event succeeding and going ‘okay’. Take a look at these top reasons why it’s always worth investing in good corporate catering:

1. Lasting Impressions Determine Future Business

If you’re hosting a business lunch, conference or another kind of corporate event, you’re going to want your guests to leave with a great impression of you and your business in the hope that they’ll return to you in the future. However, if your event leaves a sour taste in their mouth, you can say goodbye to any future business.

Everyone remembers the catering at an event, whether it’s a small or major part of the itinerary, and food really does highlight the quality of an occasion. So if you want your attendees to have a great lasting impression of your business that will lead them to connect with you in the future, you need the menu to be memorable for all the right reasons.

2. Well-Fed Guests Are Productive Guests

You’ve probably got a jam-packed itinerary for your event and you want your guests on top form, so to ensure they’re energised and ready to take part in all the activities you’ve got lined up for the day, you need to have good food on offer.

If people don’t like what they see when it comes to lunchtime they’ll simply skip it, which can leave them feeling tired, unenthusiastic and generally a little lacklustre throughout the afternoon. However, a good feeding at midday will get everyone ready to get started again for the afternoon session.

3. Only The Best Caterers Can Truly Cater For All

To give your business the best name possible, you want each and every guest to feel welcomed and well accommodated for, and we truly believe that only the best caterers can actually cater for all.

From dietary requirements such as food allergies or lifestyle choices to general personal taste, Smart Hospitality can create individual dishes or set menus to suit the guests you have attending your events, so every member of your party will feel well looked after and ready to participate in your event.

4. Some Caterers Lose Quality When Faced With Big Numbers

We believe it’s particularly important to invest in good corporate catering for big business events where numbers of attendees are high, because some caterers simply can’t sustain the quality you want when faced with big numbers; but here at Smart Hospitality, we can.

Whether you have 100 or 2,000 guests, our quality is sustained throughout every plate of food, each one reaching the highest quality of preparation, taste and appearance. Throughout the Christmas period, Smart Hospitality regularly cater for around 2,000 guests, serving up to 3,000 delicious canapés per half hour, as well as a 3-course sit down meal each night, all the while ensuring that the quality is never compromised. So not a single one of your guests will feel disappointed or hard done by when your catering is expertly delivered by Smart Hospitality; that’s a promise not every corporate caterer can make.

5. Taste Is Never Worth Compromising On

As well as all the business and networking benefits of providing great food at your corporate event, take a moment to be a little bit selfish and think about the kind of food you want to eat and would want to be served.

Great tasting food should never be compromised on, so whether your main focus is your guests or your own tastes, enjoying amazing food at every possible occasion is reason enough to invest plenty of the budget on the catering.

No matter where you host your next event, no matter how many or how few guests you have attending, Smart Hospitality are the ultimate choice when it comes to corporate catering. Whether it’s an awards dinner, conference, or exhibition, there are no limits to the events we can cater for, so get in touch today if you want to secure London’s best caterers for your next business event.

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