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How To Magically Regrow Your Vegetables

Mon 15 May 2017

To celebrate Vegetable Week, we've decided to share our secret as to how you can regrow your tasty veggies. Remember to start these projects in a sunny, warm, and well-ventilated area for best results. Give them a try and watch the magic happen...

Spring Onions

Regrowing Spring (green) onions is the easiest (and fastest) project on this list. Just submerge the root ends into a glass of warm water and watch them magically grow in a matter of days. See the full directions here.

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Have you ever had old garlic start to grow green tops? This sprouted garlic can easily be cultivated by placing it into a bed of soil or even a shot glass filled with water. Once sprouted, the tops can be eaten like green onions. Or, if you're patient enough, you can transfer the sprouted cloves into dirt and grow a whole new head (although growing full heads can be a bit trickier). See the full directions here.

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Romaine Leaves

Grow another round of romaine leaves by placing the bottom of the cut heart into a bowl of warm water. You won't end up with a whole new head, but you'll get enough leaves to top several sandwiches! See the full directions here.

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Soaking the root end of leeks in warm water allows a whole new set of tender leaves to grow. See the full directions here.

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Red Onions

To regrow a red onion, simply place the otherwise discarded bottom in soil and let the roots grow. Remove the old nub and watch it blossom into a whole new veggie! See the full directions here.   

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The butt of celery can regrow a few extra stalks with just a little love. Simply place the end of the celery, root side down, onto a plate of water in a sunny window. After one week, roots will appear and it's ready to transfer to soil. See the full directions here.

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