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5 Things You Didn't Know About Battersea Evolution

Fri 01 Sep 2017

Next week, Battersea Evolution is returning after a three month hiatus and is once again set to host a variety of exciting events. To get to know the venue better, we thought we’d tell you five things about Battersea Evolution that not many people know… 

1. The venue is on the old site of the infamous 20th century Battersea Park Funfair

Battersea Park Funfair opened in 1951 and was a hugely popular destination for family thrills, welcoming a few famous faces in its time including the Duchess of Kent and her children.

The funfair wasn’t the only thing that went down in history at Battersea Park…in 1850, the first asparagus grown in Britain was planted in the park. So why not get down there and discover the root of your favourite vegetable? 

2. Battersea Evolution has the capacity to hang 500 Formula 1 cars from the roof

This impressive 5500m2 structure offers capacity for up to 4000 in conference or 2000 for dinners, but what most people don’t know is that it also has the capacity to hang 500 F1 cars from the roof. Starting small in 2012 at the Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix Launch, we tested this out with one Red Bull F1 car which was suspended from above the bar – the 3-tonne roof loading strength made it possible. The venue’s copious amount of space and room allows guests to fully enjoy their event.  

3. Prince Harry ate beef fillet at the BT Sports Industry Awards

This year, the BT Sport Industry Awards were held at Battersea Evolution for its ninth consecutive year and 1700 guests attended the event to celebrate the very best in the industry. Many celebrities graced the event, including HRH Prince Harry who particularly enjoyed Smart Hospitality’s aged beef fillet with herb ash, tomato and garlic confit, bitter orange, summer greens and potato crisps. 

4. Many celebrities have wined and dined at the venue

During the many years that Battersea Evolution has been up and running, an array of celebrities have graced the venue, including Gary Barlow, Kylie Minogue, Tom Daley, Sir Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell. You can guarantee Battersea Evolution has seen the very best of every industry and this year will not disappoint…

5. John Lennon’s classic car went under the hammer at Battersea Evolution

Lennon bought the classic Austin Princess in 1956 and used it the following year in a promotional film for his album ‘Imagine’ alongside wife Yoko Ono; the car still contains five aeroplane seats that Lennon installed for passenger use. The car was estimated to fetch between £190,000 and £265,000, but after a tense few minutes the car did not manage to sell. RM Sotheby have hosted their annual car auction at Battersea Evolution for 10 consecutive years and raised an incredible £21.5m in sales in 2016. 

The purpose-built venue is known for it’s versatility and dynamism – one week it is transformed into a conference with multiple theatre-style breakout spaces for 1700 Adobe delegates and the next it's a ‘Vintage Vegas’ themed gala dinner for 1400 Waitrose guests. The venue’s flexibility is what puts Battersea Evolution on the map and we’re incredibly excited for what’s in store the next few months.  

To have a look at our upcoming events at Battersea Evolution, click here!

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