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Hawthorn's Top Tips For Excellent Awards Dinners

Mon 01 Jun 2015

1. Be open about the budget you have to spend on your production, so that Hawthorn can help you allocate it in the most effective way. If you share your ideas about your event at the conception stage we can advise you on the best way to implement them and whether they are feasible to deliver within your allocated budget.

2. Speak to Hawthorn about the demographic of your audience so that we can advise on an effective design for your stage set, an engaging delivery method for your content and the possibility of including exciting and innovative technology to engage your audience.

4. Always ensure you advise us if there are any changes to the agreed floorplan or content during the planning stage of your event, as this may have an implication on the design of the stage set. For example, if your numbers increase there may be less room for the agreed stage set design, or the entertainment that gets booked may require a larger stage.

5. Ensure the awards presentation is finalised and sent over to Hawthorn in plenty of time, along with the presenter’s script. This allows us to run through it, check the content and resolution and cue in any video links. Always check your content is the same size/aspect ratio as the screens you order – just ask if you’re not sure!

6. Have a think about the stings you want to walk the winners up to the stage to. Keep them energetic and something that the majority of the audience can relate to. Hawthorn have a substantial library for you to choose from.

7. Consider investing in an auto cue and comfort monitor to give presenters that additional peace of mind.

8. Send any entertainment or presenter riders through to Hawthorn in plenty of time to ensure all their requirements are catered for.

9. Invest in a show caller to manage the stage on the night. Hawthorn can advise you on who would best suit your requirements.

10. Allow plenty of time for sound checks and rehearsals on the day so that you can relax and enjoy your event at Battersea Evolution; you are in safe hands!

Bonus tip! Consider having a photo board off stage for the winners so that the awards carry on onstage, thus speeding up the ceremony for the non-winners! The disadvantage of this is that the host then wouldn’t be in the photos with the winners.

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