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About Smart Friends

Welcome to Smart Group's agency incentive scheme.

Following the Group's growth, with new venues and products added to our portfolio, we decided it was time to better engage with our agency friends, and so Smart Friends was born!

Each year, we will be taking you on a trip of a lifetime to share our passion of trying the best food and wine around the world – what else would you expect from Smart? Our first stop was the Island of Ischia, Italy, which truly set the tone for years to come. You can check out the first ever Smart Friends and how to qualify below.

This incentive trip is open to all event agencies, production agencies, venue bookers and venue finders across the globe who buy Smart Group products and services on behalf of their clients.

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A note from our Head of Agency Development, Lily Brooks

A year ago we launched our agency incentive programme Smart Friends, this was not only a please but a thank you to all the agents who have worked with Smart for the past 25 years and supported our growth and success.

On the weekend of 8th June 2018 we hosted our first ever Smart Friends and took 35 agents to the Island of Ischia, Italy, for a trip of a lifetime. Accompanied by Angela Hartnett, our Michelin Star Creative Ambassador, we ate and drank like kings and queens, and created a weekend of magical memories.





Next year Smart Friends 2019 will be heading to the stunning village of Deià, Mallorca.

We would be delighted to come in and talk to your team to tell you more about how you can earn your places for next year's trip and learn more about Smart Group. Just get in touch with me now:

Drop me a note:

Or I’m just at the end of the phone: 020 3841 2781 / 07720 087009


The Small Print

The start date of the event(s) booked must fall within our current financial year (between 1st March 2018 and 28th February 2019) in order to qualify for the 2019 trip.

Events which start on or after 1st March 2019 will not count towards the 2019 trip, but will contribute towards the relevant scheme for the financial year in which the event falls.

Only revenue contracted with a Smart Group company will be included in the calculations. Any event revenue contracted with a third party (e.g. with a venue or other partner/supplier) will not be included in the calculations.

Any increase in the event revenue post-contract will not be included in the calculations.

In the event that the end client contracts with the relevant Smart Group company, rather than the agent, the revenue will still count towards the calculations.

Smart Group have so many amazing products to buy from, so please get in touch now to see how we can work together.