This week we caught up with Smart Live's Brogan Ball. She shares some of her top tips for event organisers, reflects on what she would do differently and tells us how she manages to make Smart Live's events stand out from the competition.

Smart Live organises events for thousands of attendees every year. What are the key elements of a successful event in your opinion?

Teamwork. We work as an extension of our client’s team to understand their aims and objectives, in order to ensure that their event is executed seamlessly. It is important to work effectively with other Smart Live colleagues, the venues and our invaluable suppliers at every turn. There is always an intense lead-up to any event and a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Smart Live have an array of individual skills that allow us to seamlessly pull every event together. From the creative side to the logistics, the team ensures every element is reached and that a successful event is achieved. Happy client, successful event.


How do you think technology will change the events industry in the coming years? 

There’s no doubt that technology is able to dramatically transform events. One area that I have my eye on this year is production. Before I entered the events industry I would watch things like the BAFTAs or The Grammys and merely look at what everyone was wearing. However, it is now the transformational technical production that grabs my attention. The ability to capture and change the atmosphere of a room with sound and lighting is underestimated, and something that guests take with them and remember for years to come. Tech is a big player in the events industry and can renovate any conference or party for all the right reasons.


Smart Live is now a well-respected player in the events industry. What do you do to stand out from the competition?

Originality. Smart Live offers something that no other agency does – our original approach in every aspect of our work. From the technical set to the bespoke production, as a team we look at the brand and the message that our clients wish to convey and research innovative ways to seamlessly deliver. In a nutshell, we go above and beyond to ensure our client’s vision is exceeded; we do this by combining lessons learnt from previous events with fresh, contemporary ideas we know will work well.


What were, if any, your biggest mistakes when running an event? How did you overcome them?

We work very hard in the lead-up to any event, big or small, so that we cover every base and ensure that no mistakes can be made. What I have learnt in events is that anything can happen and it is how you react that allows you to learn and become a better industry player. With this in mind, although little mistakes may be made, if you are well prepared it hopefully won’t stay a mistake for long, and I couldn’t tell you even if it was!


What are the 3 most underestimated tips for event organisers that can make an event truly stand out?  

1) Attention to detail is key, and it is the small details that will stand out, even if you think many wont notice them. Whether it’s making sure your client's favourite song is played by the entertainment or adapting your team's workload to their strengths, all can contribute to a positive end result. 

2) Make sure everyone feels part of the same team. We are all working to achieve the same end result so it’s vital to include and involve your team – no job can be achieved independently. 

3) Research the industry. With the demand for technology, creativity and unique ideas increasing, research into the trends in the events industry is key. If you are to deliver great events, you need to make sure they stand out and smash the competition; keep on top of the game and know what is the next best thing.


If you could revisit your time at Smart Live all over again, what would you do differently, knowing what you know now?

Cliché as it sounds, nothing. Every step is a journey that has taken me to where I am now. The challenges teach you lessons that can’t be taught and the successes help to build your confidence, which I’ve found is essential to move forward. Events can be challenging and demanding at times, but the journey makes it totally worth it and has taught me more experiences that I could imagine.


Summarise Smart Live in your own words…

A personable, committed community dedicated to delivering amazing events for their amazing clients.


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