There is always a danger of using new event technology for event technologies sake. At Smart LIVE, we understand it is important that technology adds value to the event experience, rather than just being a gimmick.

As part of our commitment to R&D we took a trip down to the Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham to check out the latest technology and think about how it could be applied to our events.

Aside from being able to test drive the newest electric car, the Telsla Model S and embark on an immersive BMW race simulator here is a run down of our favourite new gadgets, gismos and entertainment:



We came across the Ricoh Theta S, a 8GB gadget which captures an entire 360° space in a single high resolution shot. You can then use the built in high speed wifi transfer module to view the space on your PC or a smart phone. Furthermore, the Ricoh Theta S can shoot long movies up to 25 minutes long, capturing those precious memories in a vivid, high resolution 360° world.

You can never truly capture the atmosphere of a live event without being there and we wouldn’t want technology to replace events, however this gets as close as you can get to recreating the experience. From live streaming conferences for delegates unable to attend, to reliving the party the next day, or conducting site visits remotely, this cost effective piece of kit has so many applications for events. Creating a time-lapse is another feature on this diverse device, whether it's filming a set up or de-rig of an event or capturing the sunset over a summer party a time-lapse gives an artistic snap shot in a few seconds of your amazing event. Its small hand-held design also means it can easily fit into the event manager's bag or pocket.


Cb _10Have you ever been to an event where there is an awkward wait between a question being asked by the host to then get the microphone to the middle of row Z to be answered? Fear not – the Catchbox saves valuable time and awkwardness, its designed to be thrown and caught by the audience! They’re practical too, the microphone only switches on when the cube stops moving and its 20 hour battery life ensures it will not cut out on you in the middle of a conference. You can even personalise them with the company log. Here at Smart, we think this gadget is a fantastic tool increasing audience engagement and participation.


Oculus -rift -3840x 2160-virtual -reality -hi -tech -news -of -2015-vr -headset -6207

2016 has been the year where virtual reality has entered the mainstream. Oculus Rift is used as entertainment all over and it is no surprise that the public love using a gadget that completely immerses you inside virtual worlds. The Gadget Show had various VR experience available to test out, including Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Freefly. We tested out an underwater exploration demo, whereby you don the oculus rift mask and are transformed into a deep sea world with whales and other marvellous creatures, the detail being so crisp you feel as if you are really there. There are so many different themes out there now e.g. mountain biking, skiing, sky diving and 3D drawing, meaning you can find one suitable for any event.

There has been a lot of talk recently about people being able to virtually attend sporting or music gigs live using the power of VR and we see this as the future for live events especially for delegates unable to attend conferences and product launches.


Feeding -the -Fish -performing -SUPERNOVA

Feeding the fish is an old favourite of ours, it’s an act involving bespoke LED light art and sharp choreography. At The Gadget Show Live 2016 this class act had been revamped to incorporate the latest trend of hover boards. ‘Zoom’ incorporates a dance act with performers wearing video suits displaying beautiful colours and videos across dancers’ bodies. As the dancers glide on custom designed LED hoverboards, they create a sea of colour in this journey of light. The act builds to a crescendo as the logo, brand, or name of the celebrated person or company explodes onto the LED Suits. This is an eye catching act which is sure to wow guests at a range of events.


Parrot Drones (3)

Parrot Drones 2 (3)

We have all seen drones used on events for capturing stunning over head shots that would normally have needed a helicopter but for the first time we saw them used for entertainment at The Gadget Show Live. The parrot drones had been individually programmed to perform an intricate routine in mid-air. The drones twist, turn and even do somersaults around each other in perfect synchronisation. The colourful drones and LED lights creating a mini red-arrow type performance would provide a unique entertainment act at an event.

Here at Smart LIVE we use these technologies and innovations to inspire our events. We do this by enhancing the experience of our clients pre event, during the event and post event, thus making our events even more interactive and memorable than ever!


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