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In this feature, we're focusing on incentive trips. Our team have designed and produced incentive trips in many different locations, from Italy and France to Ireland (have a read of our case studies here), and can manage absolutely everything from flights and venue sourcing to bespoke gifts and live entertainment. Our experience in delivering high-end incentive programmes for major corporations and brands is extensive, and we'd like to share with you some tricks of the trade that have helped us turn all our events into successes. So, take the weight of the world off your shoulders, and let us give you a hand planning your next incentive trip!


Firstly, why have an incentive trip?

To give employees a tangible goal/target

To increase productivity

To act as a great motivational tool

To encourage employee retention

To promote teamwork

To increase service levels which can lead to repeat business, enhanced company reputation, etc

To boost company morale

To say thank you 

10 tips to think about when organising the trip of a lifetime:

1. Determine the corporate incentive program goals – is it to have an increase in production output or profits, or a reduction in defective products, sales returns or lost contracts? Make sure you assign a value to this improvement – ensure it is tough but achievable

2. Know your target group in the company – management, employees or sales people - are you targeting young sales guys who want to head to Ibiza or older team members who would prefer sailing around Italy? Or if you have a mixed group, how do you make it fun for all?

3. Plan far ahead – very far ahead!

4. Work with a travel agent to book flights – they make travel less stressful, can save you money and they’re specialists

5. Plan a varied itinerary, with a mix of activities and enough down time

6. Keep an eye out for group discounts

7. Go for “never been done before” experiences

8. Head to new and exciting venues/locations - be the first to set foot into new destinations and give the attendees something to talk about! (Keep an eye on our new destinations each month in our newsletter to inspire you!)

9. Deal with budget well – optimise your budget by choosing a location with favourable tax implications

10. Survey attendees for feedback to see what went well and what can be improved next time! 

We're proud of our extensive experience with incentive trips and would love to help you out with your next event. Click here to see some examples of how we've used our creative license for incentive trips that we've done for brands such as Danone. Alternatively, give us a call on 0207 836 0562 for a chat!



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