The Overwatch Gilded Gala


The Overwatch Gilded Gala, hosted by The London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws, set us a brief to make this an interactive event, showcasing all the games live in the best way possible. This was to be the first ever Gilded Gala in the United Kingdom and had a short three-week turnaround. The added challenge for Smart Live was that the client was based in the United States, meaning the team was in charge of taking care of everything.


To ensure nothing was left to chance, the team put in some overtime to accommodate the time difference which meant we could action tasks a lot quicker. We used Here East as the venue mainly for its large plenary room, which could accommodate 800 seated, as well as its First Floor Reception which had space for different interactive stands. 

The London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws brought the best Overwatch players in the world to London to compete, featuring Overwatch league players from both the Spitfire and Outlaws which were hosted by Tom ‘Sylosa’ Stewart.

The event was spilt into two show matches and we were charged with organising one of these matches live – the other is to be held in Houston in January 2019. The match saw three/four players from each side competing in unique game modes. 

As part of the event there were lots of giveaways, different interactive stations including a sign making booth, face painting and a ‘spin the wheel’ giveaway with lots of social media personalities present, blogging and sharing their experience at the event.

The Smart Live team were onsite for one jam-packed day of entertainment, managing all aspects of the event to ensure the smooth running throughout the day. 800 tickets were sold and 500 goodie bags were packed and given out.  


John Nomis, Event and PR Manager of Kings Row LLC said: “Smart Live was there with us every step of the way and we honestly couldn’t have done it without them. From their seasoned expertise to their willingness to match our offbeat requests, they clearly shared our desire to make the event a success.”


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