About Us


Battersea Evolution is a joint partnership between Smart Group and GL Events Owen Brown, a European specialist in temporary event structures. GL Events Owen Brown, on behalf of Battersea Evolution, is responsible for the build and de-rig of the Evolution structure and for its general upkeep. Smart is responsible for the day to day venue management and promotion throughout the year, on behalf of Battersea Evolution. During the Christmas period Smart Christmas Parties create and manage a number of themed Christmas parties on an exclusive or shared party basis.


Our Suppliers

Meet the Team

  • Stephen Lawrence Managing Director
  • RORY THORPE Operations Director
  • RIEHANNA QUINN Venue Sales Manager
  • LILY BROOKS Agency Account Manager
  • CHARLOTTE BEDALE Senior Events Account Manager
  • EMILIE BAGNERES Senior Events Account Manager
  • KELSEY LABUSCHAGNE Events Account Manager
  • TONI CLARK Site Manager and Head of Exhibition Operations