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300  Reception

240  Dinner 

Tower of London

A magnificent and historic venue in the heart of the City, the Tower of London provides a stunning backdrop for a whole host of events.

The illustrious history of the Tower of London began almost 1000 years ago; after defeating the English in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings, in 1078 William the Conqueror began building the iconic White Tower which, still stands proudly amongst the modern skyscrapers of the city today.

Today a World Heritage Site, the Tower of London welcomes you and your guests for whatever event you are planning, in a variety of interesting historic venues, where previous monarchs have also entertained their guests throughout the centuries.  During your time here you are invited to explore and stories of our ravens, Yeoman Warders, and of course not to mention the priceless Crown Jewels.



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