Smart Group Sustainability

As a business, Smart Group are committed to practicing sustainability to ensure the needs of the current generation are fulfilled without compromising those of the future generations. Through the integration of environmental, social and economic practices, Smart Group are committed to making a positive impact all while generating exceptional experiences for our clients.

Smart & Sustainable


We strive to achieve sustainability on a day-to-day basis. We are committed to accomplish sustainable practices both at a local level and within communities where we can make a positive impact, including; the responsible use of local resources, the integrity of our supply chain, developing our people, the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and clients and minimising any affect that we can have on the environment.

Smart & Sustainable


Zero land fill policy, with full recycling services including food waste.

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Charitable contributions, with over 50,000 NHS meals cooked and delivered to the frontline.

Use of green energy solutions, pledging 100% renewable by 2030.

Green Smarties Team volunteer throughout the year for multiple worthwhile causes.

Reduced distance, travel times and number of journeys through efficient scheduling.

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Certified member of isla, who is helping the events industry to transition into a sustainable future.

Smart & Sustainable


The Smart Group is catered by Moving Venue, London’s leading caterer, impressing the hospitality industry since 1984. Moving Venue are dedicated to sustainable catering, where all ingredients are carefully considered to actively promote seasonality all while sourcing locally where possible. We also advocate and strongly encourage that all our products are sourced from certified, ethical trade or fair-trade sources in line with the BRC Global standard.


The Smart Group have recently invested in ‘Chefs Eye’ to gain a better understanding of food wastage. We also work closely with food recycling companies such as Felix Project, Fare Share, Plan Zheros and Olio to upcycle any pre-packaged and fresh ingredients and items in a safe manner.

During the lockdown period of coronavirus, Moving Venue were delighted to support the NHS feeding initiative COOK-19. Here we supported an incredible programme to provide over 50,000 meals to the NHS frontline.

Moving Venue

From plant to plate, Smart Group’s in-house cater Moving Venue takes pride in sustainable catering.
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Smart & Sustainable


Oceandiva London, launching this April, the UK’s first revolutionary CO2-neutral event venue on the Thames.

For each and every event held onboard Oceandiva London, we will be able to leverage technology to help us track and measure the carbon impact of the entire event. Working with industry body isla, we will be able to determine where any carbon emission reductions can be made across the lifecycle of an event; from sourcing, energy used, food and beverage choices to audience travel and everything else in between.

By measuring our carbon emissions, per event and on an annual basis, we are able to balance them through tree-planting and the purchase of carbon units via the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) and the funding of projects certified by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). We are committed to creating a more sustainable future today.

Smart & Sustainable


We pride ourselves on being chosen to collaborate with exemplary clients that hosts events to promote sustainability - National Geographic Gala Dinner and ZSL London Zoo Fundraising Gala. Across Smart Group we have prohibited the use of single use plastics to have a more positive effect on the environment. While working with our clients, we support the incorporation of healthy eating while ensuring dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices are adhered to. Reducing carbon emissions and waste and improving the resource efficiency for our entire event supply chain. uses cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to use our website, you’re agreeing to our use of cookies.